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Designed for the long-range shooter who depends on superior accuracy but can't afford unnecessary weight and bulk. The Bastion is the newest option in Peak 44's lineup of lightweight carbon fiber stocks.

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Vertical Grip

Blacktooth stock

One of the Lightest Carbon Fiber Production Stocks

Coming in at 19 oz., the Blacktooth is one of the lightest production carbon fiber stocks on the market.

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We find ourselves inspired by technology. Advancements in materials and manufacturing are allowing for stronger, lighter and more intelligently-designed products than ever before.

Recoil pad

The 3DHEX recoil pad kills recoil unlike any pad on the market today. The first recoil pad to employ additive manufacturing at the production level. This set of collapsible voids function to stretch the time component of recoil, making that sharp kick a soft shove.


Bonded to the outer shell and working in tandem with a set of aluminum pillars, this slip of carbon takes the place of a much larger and heavier aluminum bedding block. The Carbon Fiber Bedding Block allows recoil impulses to transfer directly from the recoil lug of the action to the outer shell of the stock.